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This is what separates TBR Suspension from the rest.

Two passionate mates, that strive to be the very best at what they do. Coming together to give you the perfect combination of specialised suspension work and customer satisfaction, all wrapped up in one neat package. Making each customer happy is the core on which both William and Wayne have built this company.

  • William’s mechanical understanding and skill of translating the customers words and requirements into their suspension is changing the meaning of personalised suspension around the country.
  • Wayne’s dedication to personalised customer experience ensures that they receive the best experience from start to finish.

Together this DUO just works. While Wayne allocates his time too dealing with customers all day, William is able to keep his head down without distraction – ensuring that the work gets done. Both Wayne and William share the same vision for TBR and will stop at nothing to make TBR known as the best off-road suspension specialist brand, both locally and internationally.


After years of hands-on experience racing and a long list of achievements behind him, William Slater has become a household name within the off-road fraternity.

What started out as a fun hobby for him, quickly turned into an obsession where he pushed the boundaries in his training and riding to be at the top of his game. Will has received his provincial colours on numerous occasions for the format of extreme / hard enduro. More recently he has been afforded the opportunity to race on an international level and bash bars with some of the best names in the sport at big name events such as Erzberg Rodeo in Austria, and Sea to Sky in Turkey where he performed exceptionally well – finishing in 6th position overall. In addition to these overseas accolades, Will has made his mark on home turf by also finishing 6th overall in the Roof of Africa. His local achievements speak for themselves across the multiple formats of racing in South Africa, where he has asserted himself as a top contender at every event.

Will also comes from a mechanical background and pursued his capabilities in mechanical engineering as well as mechanical drafting. Where capability and passion meet, was the core on which TBR Suspension was founded. William has the unique ability to use his riding capabilities, as well as his mechanical background to take words and feedback from riders and put it straight into the suspension to give you the rider, the ultimate best feel for the your capabilities and needs.

Will’s experience and ability to put all his settings to the test, on all terrain, is what gives TBR the unfair advantage in this industry.


Wayne Smith is no stranger to business. Having been in the retail game for over twenty years, he has dealt with and built enduring relationships with customers on a daily basis at BP Quarry Service Centre, becoming a well-known and much-loved member of his community. If anyone has the knowledge or remarkable ability to put customers first, it’s most definitely him. 

Recognising where his skills lie, and having a lifelong passion for the sport, Wayne took it upon himself to support local riders by incorporating an off-road motorbikes spares and accessories shop into the BP Quarry Service Centre. True to his nature, he goes above and beyond to ensure that this service accommodates riders after hours and on the weekends, just to make sure that riders can keep riding unhindered.

Beyond the walls of the shop, Wayne’s support of the scene extends directly to track in real and meaningful ways. Driven by a pure appreciation for bikes and the community that it harbours, he has kept BP Quarry Service Centre involved through the assistance of sponsoring events and riders.

Wayne still rides for fun but has more recently focussed his efforts into his sons racing. Whether dealing with a weekend hobby rider or a pro, Wayne’s a perfectionist when it comes to service and he is more than capable of translating one-on-one conversations about specific suspension requirements into guaranteed customer satisfaction. There’s no doubt that with him, the customer always comes first.